obsolete http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Anaconda_Boot_Options

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Wed May 9 05:30:55 UTC 2012

On 2012/05/08 21:41 (GMT-0700) Adam Williamson composed:

> On Wed, 2012-05-09 at 00:07 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:

>>  On 2012/05/08 22:31 (GMT-0400) Felix Miata composed:

>>  >  Where's what dracut wants instead of all it claims is obsolete when I try to
>>  >  use what's there for F17 installation via an installed Grub Legacy stanza?

>>  >  e.g.: Use 'ip=<ip>::<gw>:<nm>[:<dev>]'

>>  >  Is there an extra ":" in there (a typo?)?

>>  >  e.g.: "FATAL: Please supply bootdev argument for multiple ip= lines"

>>  >  What on earth does "bootdev argument" mean? What multiple ip= lines?

>>  >  Why was dns changed to nameserver? That's 7 extra characters, 233% more, in a
>>  >  context with a short character limit.

>>  I finally found http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Dracut/Options, but if it
>>  addresses the needs of an HTTP install initiated by Grub, it's too obtuse for
>>  me to recognize.

>>  This is the latest result of trying:

>>  FATAL: Don't know how to handle
>>  'root=http://mirrors.us.kernel.org/fedora/development/17/i386.os'

> Don't use root=. Use repo= or stage2=. You will note that root= is not
> listed anywhere on Anaconda_Boot_Options. This is intentional.

It pervades http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Dracut/Options. Which is the authority?

>>  root= seems to be the missing component, but the doc doesn't seem to tell how
>>  to figure out what it needs to be to get an installation started with Grub. :-(

> It's not missing. You should not specify it. I'm not sure about the
> network config specification parameters, sorry.

I only used any root= on the last couple of tries, because using

title Install Fedora 17 - m.u.k.o HTTP (2012/05)
      kernel (hd0,6)/f17inst/vmlinuz 
ip= nameserver= rd.luks=0 
rd.md=0 rd.dm=0 splash=verbose noipv6 enforcing=0 selinux=0 xdriver=radeon 
resolution=1152x864 vga=794 nodmraid nofirewire (the end of which gets 
truncated because too long)
      initrd (hd0,6)/f17inst/initrd.img

I get:

[35.617391] dracut Warning: Unable to process initqueue
[35.659644] dracut Warning: /dev/root does not exist
Dropping to debug shell.

Is the 05/02 installation kernel or 05/05 initrd.img broken to cause this?
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