Anaconda exception handling testing

Kamil Paral kparal at
Wed Sep 19 17:31:54 UTC 2012

> Today, I have pushed (to master branch) a patch that adds an easy way
> for testing exception handling (and bug reporting) in Anaconda. It
> utilizes unix signals and can be fired by sending SIGUSR1 signal to
> the
> main anaconda process (there are usually two processes, main is the
> one
> with the lower PID). Probably the easiest way to do that is running
> this
> command from tty2 (or window #2 in tmux):
> $ kill -USR1 `cat /var/run/`

I have updated our test case with the new instructions:

We have more test cases regarding bug reporting from Anaconda:
According to developers in #anaconda, every time there is an exception it is automatically written to anaconda-tb-* file. Jiri Moskovcak says there are no plans to add 'save to disk' option to libreport.
Jiri Moskovcak says there are no plans to add 'save to remote system' option to libreport.

These test cases were created because in Fedora 17 Anaconda/libreport supported these options. Our release criteria also say:
" The installer must be able to report failures to Bugzilla and local disk, with appropriate information included "
Of course we have to change them, otherwise Alpha couldn't have been released (unless we consider creating anaconda-tb-* file as "report to local disk", which we very well might do).

My opinion is that we should merge "save to bugzilla" and "save to disk" test cases into one - we will check the presence of anaconda-tb-* file and try to report to bugzilla. We should remove "save to remote system" test case, because it is no longer supported and we have no criteria related to it. Our existing criterion about "reporting to local disk" doesn't need adjustments, if we agree that the automatic creation of anaconda-tb-* file satisfies it.

Last but not least, we should consider removing
because I don't see how that helps our users. That is mainly useful for developers, but no user will ever use that, they will use updates.img at best. There is no reason for us to test it.

Comments welcome.

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