F18 empty lshw-gui window

Samuel Sieb samuel at sieb.net
Tue Jan 1 20:05:03 UTC 2013

On 01/01/2013 11:45 AM, Felix Miata wrote:
> That's the way it works here too, same as with the menu item, but it
> certainly seems a behavioral bug, and why I asked here. The busy cursor
> runs more than 20 seconds after the initial window is fully painted. By
> that time a normal human would expect it to have auto-populated instead
> of needing to _re_fresh it.
When I run it, I immediately get the authentication prompt.  Once I 
enter that, I immediately get the main window ready to go.  When I press 
refresh, it takes a few seconds to scan, but it shows progress and is 
quite quick.  I agree that it's strange that it doesn't do the scan 
immediately, since there isn't anything else you can do with it until 
you do.

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