iPod Gen 4 not being properly mounted

Claude Jones cjoneslists at tehogeeservices.com
Wed Jan 2 05:36:47 UTC 2013

I'm not even sure what to ask. This is a brand new iPod 4th Gen. I'm 
running F18 TC1 with all the latest updates and am using KDE. When I 
plug the iPod in, the device notifier recognizes the device and offers 
options - one is to "Open with File Manager" which opens a Dolphin 
window and shows the iPod as a device mounted as "camera:/" - a location 
I can't write to, or do anything else with. If I open Amarok, it 
produces an error saying "Connecting to iPhone, iPad or iPod touch 
failed." with the following output:

determined mount-point path to 
calling `ifuse "-u" "f189256153e4d5273b55b82910e48d49ead49d0a" 
with timeout of 10s
ifuse: No device found, is it connected?
ifuse: If it is make sure that your user has permissions to access the 
raw usb device.
ifuse: If you're still having issues try unplugging the device and 
reconnecting it.
command exited with non-zero return code 1
Failed to mount iPhone on 

I've tried GTKPod and Banshee as well, but, with no better results... 
Any suggestions on what I should try next?
Claude Jones Brunswick, MD, USA

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