Fedora 18 issues with translations and keymaps

Josef Skladanka jskladan at redhat.com
Thu Jan 3 14:09:59 UTC 2013

I'm absolutely +1 with jeischmann and jreznik on this matter. 
Keyboard layouts are broken almost every other (if not every one) Fedora release. The same exact encrypt-prompt issue was (at least) in F16, and we released it anyway.
I'm not saying that we should just blindly say "it's late, let's ship it", but quite a few of these bugs (which adamw mentioned) IMHO are either present (not saying the exact ones, but the 'type' of the bugs) in Fedora for quite some time already, or just are not clear show-stoppers.

We are getting too much into "we want it all perfect at all costs", instead of "we want the best quality possible in the given time interval". Once again, I'm not trying to say that we should blindly release "on time", just to get the release out "on time". But as the F18 is slipping more and more, I feel like "it's late already, so why not postpone it a little bit more, so we can make XYZ better" reasoning being more frequent than any time before. 


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> "Non working "keyboard (password and encrypt key prompts) is anything
> but "quite solid" it is what I'd call "quite broken".
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