Fedora 18 issues with translations and keymaps

Josef Skladanka jskladan at redhat.com
Thu Jan 3 15:29:49 UTC 2013

ad 1) OK, feel free to ignore this, I don't really have time to go through all the bugs in last 4 fedora releases, since it won't (most probably) change your opinion.
ad 2) https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F16_bugs
ad 3) You clearly misunderstood. My email is not meant to discuss approved blocker bugs (or even the blocker bug process), and I thought that it should be obvious from the thread topic, if nothing else. My bad. But most of the bugs adamw pointed out in his email are _IMHO not_ show stoppers. And the IMHO most important one (encrypted disks) can be dealt with via common bugs.


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> > I'm absolutely +1 with jeischmann and jreznik on this matter.
> > Keyboard layouts are broken almost every other (if not every one)
> > Fedora release.
> [citation needed]
> > The same exact encrypt-prompt issue was (at least) in F16, and we
> > released it anyway.
> [citation needed]
> > I'm not saying that we should just blindly say "it's late, let's
> > ship it",
> You are actually doing that or iow this sentence contradicts the rest
> you wrote.
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