New BugZapper Introduction

Yasen Pramatarov yasen at
Sat Jan 5 17:59:47 UTC 2013

 Hi guys,

 I'll be glad to join the Fedora project and I decided the best way to
 start would be bug triaging.

 I'm a GNU/Linux sysadmin/devops from Bulgaria. Currently I'm working
 at CloudSigma, an IaaS provider using Fedora with KVM for hosts OS.

 I've been working as a linux sysadmin for some 12 years now or maybe
 more, I'm not really sure as I stopped counting them :) I am the i18n
 coordinator for Bulgarian in KDE. I've also been involved in other
 free software i18n projects and activities of the local F/LOSS
 community here in Sofia. I am a strong free software/hardware/culture
 proponent and I'd like to start giving back to the community more.

 irc: yasen at
 xmpp: yasen at

 Best regards,

| Yasen Pramatarov
|        a.k.a. turin
| home: 
| photoblog: 
| gnu/linux:
| work:

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