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On Mon, 07 Jan 2013 18:55:12 -0500
Felix Miata <mrmazda at earthlink.net> wrote:

> I've yet to stumble onto a reliable doc for dealing with that file,
> which is a symlink to /usr/lib/systemd/system/getty at .service. There
> is no man page for getty at .service or getty at tty1.service. I've seen
> bits here and there on getting tty1 to not clear, but I never manage
> to get it to not happen without multiple reconfiguration attempts,
> and reboots.

'man systemd.unit'

"       Optionally, units may be instantiated from a template file at
runtime. This allows creation of multiple units from a single
configuration file. If systemd looks for a unit configuration file it
will first search for the literal unit name in the filesystem. If that
yields no success and the unit name contains an @ character, systemd
will look for a unit template that shares the same name but with the
instance string (i.e. the part between the @ character and the suffix)
removed. Example: if a service getty at tty3.service is requested and no
file by that name is found, systemd will look for getty at .service and
instantiate a service from that configuration file if it is found."

'systemctl enable getty at tty2.service' 

should do the trick (and tty3, etc). 

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