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>>>I think we should create a separate wiki page "QA:Anaconda
>>>partitioning", that explains the differences between the "guided
>>>partitioning" and "custom partitioning", and also between
>>>"autopart" and "manual partitioning". Ideally with screenshots.
>>>Then we can link that page and simply ask the tester to encrypt the
>>>disk using method A or B (or any of them). In >this case, I think
>> >we only mandate "autopart", nothing else.
>>    Hi Kamil,
>>   I feel a little confused,in"guided partitioning mode",we do"auto
>>    partitiong",in"custom partitioning mode",we do"manual
>>    partitiong",
>>    actually,there is no "guided partitioning mode" or"custom
>>    partitioning mode",we do default install then we can
>>    call it"guided partitiong mode" if we change something,we can say
>>    it in"custom partitiong mode", As for "auto
>>    partitioning",we only need to click"continue".Am I right?

>Guided mode is the screen where you can only preserve or delete partitions, nothing else. Custom mode is the screen where you can set up the partitions to your will.

>Automatic partitioning ("autopart") is an approach of letting Anaconda create the partition setup automatically for you. It is used in guided mode 
>and _can_ be used in custom mode (by clicking the blue text "Create partition layout automatically").
> Manual partitioning is the approach of doing everything by yourself, basically it is a custom mode without using >autopart.
>I'm using the terms in the sense I see them most often used. But maybe different terms could be less confusing. Adam, do you want to comment on terminology?
Hi Kamil,
   I still feel confused about this.In my mind,we can change "mode" during one install.ie,if we changed sth we are in so called custom mode,after that, if we click the blue text
"Create partition layout automatically" we are in Guided mode then.We can also change the mode to "custom mode" by changing sth after we are in Guided mode.

>If something is not explicitly stated in the test case, people should be free to do it as they see fit. We might set up some "testing introduction" page and describe these >principles. But I agree with you, in order to encourage using different keymaps, we can explicitly say it's allowed. That's why I proposed:
>"We can explicitly say the password _might not_ be set using an English keymap."

 However,if we say the password_might not_be set using an English keymap, people will using a non-English keymap.Then the English one will not be tested.

>Yes, that's basically the same. I prefer to not quote the button labels ("option for using the free space" instead of "choose 'use free space'").
 yeah,that's better.

>> >Thanks for your work. When you're at it, could you please try to
> >>create the "QA:Anaconda partitioning" wiki page with a few
> >>screenshots and a short description what "guided >partitioning
> >>mode", "custom partitioning mode", "auto partitioning", and "manual
> >>partitioning" are? I believe that would be very useful for lots of
> >>our test cases. Then we can >update some of them with links as
> >>proposed above.
>>    Thanks a lot for your comments .But,er..it seems that there is no
>>    need to take sreenshot,as the anaconda's explanation is clear
>>    enough.

>I imagine a page with a screenshot of guided mode screen, and a screenshot of custom mode screen. It would be used to illustrate what is the guided mode and what is the custom mode. >There doesn't need to be a lot of description, just saying "this is the guided mode" and "this is the custom mode" is enough. We can then link the page, people will have a look at >it and in 10 seconds they will understand which parts of anaconda they should work with to verify the test case.
 Actually,what I concerned is that,there are so many guided mode screen and custome mode screen during one install,what's more, that's what people can see immediately they click the  button.

>Thanks for working on this.
 It's my pleasure.Actually,it's what I should do:)
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