Dracut + Disk Crypt Passphrase Timeout

John.Florian at dart.biz John.Florian at dart.biz
Wed Jan 9 20:09:16 UTC 2013

I haven't used the disk encryption features much so maybe this is normal, 
but what I saw seemed odd enough I thought I better post it here.

I have just installed F18 (with RC1) and configured the disk crypt 
feature.  I just did my first boot, saw the prompt for the passphrase come 
up when I got called off to tend to problems elsewhere.  Upon returning I 
noticed that my system was now in a dracut emergency recovery shell.  I 
saw some message about a timeout, but had already hit C-A-D before taking 
good mental notes.

Is this timeout normal and expected or is it a bug?  (I'm not worried 
about it, but thought someone might like to know if it's unexpected.)
John Florian

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