unable to fully boot after deleting home partition

cornel panceac cpanceac at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 14:12:29 UTC 2013

2013/1/13 M A Young <m.a.young at durham.ac.uk>

> On Sun, 13 Jan 2013, Andre Robatino wrote:
>  After this, the contents of /home are back in place, and the output of
>> vgdisplay, lvdisplay, and fdisk -l look normal. But after rebooting, I get
>> [  OK  ] Started monitoring of LVM2 mirrors, snapshots etc. using
>> dmeventd or
>> progress polling.
>> Timed out waiting for device dev-mapper-fedora\x2dhome.**device.
>> [DEPEND] Dependency failed for /home.
> Have you checked /etc/fstab? That is the traditional place to put mount
> details and I think systemd still uses it, so you may have a dead entry in
> that file.
>         Michael Young

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