critera proposal/discussion:

Kamil Paral kparal at
Mon Jan 14 15:39:31 UTC 2013

> > I tried BFO a few times and I've found it heavily outdated every
> > time
> > (including today) so I wasn't particularly thrilled about it.
> Outdated in what sense? Not providing tc/rcs?
> The stable releases are there, the alpha/beta are there in a
> prerelease
> menu.

Fedora 18 Beta is not present, at least I don't see it. I downloaded the ISO image and booted inside VM (I wonder why it takes 15 seconds to display the graphical menu with CPU running at 100%).

> > Also, I'm not fully sure who should benefit from it. If you need to
> > install Fedora, you do it once in a long time, and there's no
> > problem
> > to download ISO and boot it. If you install Fedora often (e.g.
> > you're
> > QA), booting from the Internet every time is a no-go, not until
> > it's
> > as fast as your USB flash drive.
> Images are smaller than netinstall iso, so I would think you would
> save
> some BW (although you do have to download kernel/etc).

By using BFO you download 240 MB (kernel+initrd+squashfs.img), netinst is 310 MB. So you save something, yes, unless you want to run it several times.

> Do you think we should retire the service?

No, I didn't want to imply that. I'm sure some people will find it useful. But I have to say it's hard for me to imagine the use cases. I see just corner cases like machines without an optical drive and with no USB boot capabilities.

It's totally OK if we create an optional test case for it. That will ensure it gets some testing throughout the development cycle. Volunteers, step forward, please :)

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