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Test Community:
      I have to say I am reading this conversation with interest and
concern.  Hopefully the following will prompt thoguhts and
improvements from others.  If I repeat old ground please bare with me.

     When I first started using the wiki matrix for this evolution of
testing {f18} I found myself asking questions like, what was that test
url again.  I actually had to go back to an old F16 matirx I had
bookmarked and change the 16 to 18 to get in the ballpark.  This
brings me to my first suggestion and there may be such a page and I
haven't stumbled on it.  Can we have a master test page, where active
test wiki page links are green and older compelted ones are grey.
THis plus the feature of taking you to the most current test, for
example opening alpha_tc3 when alpha_rc2 is under testing used to have
a pop-up to redirect in the older f16 matrices.  THis I liked it
appears to have been missing in f18.

     My other thought about the matrices stemmed from tim spent
searching for that test again.  Can we index the matrix somehow and
present the option of mixed browsing.  So when I am looking for alpha
install tests or beta repository tests or beta kickstart tests I can
find my way to them easily.

      And one final pet peeve.  I scroll down the page, find the test
I am doing or will do and when I go to enter my data for edit I am
back at the top and have to scroll down again.  If I could click on a
test name to open it for editing this would be nice.

      Thanks for all the "hard work" the QA/Dev folks did getting F18
ready so we testers could tear it apart.  I look forward to an even
more fun time with F19, conditions permitting.

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