Keyboard layout criterion

drago01 drago01 at
Tue Jan 15 11:05:59 UTC 2013


I have already tried this multiple times in the past and we still have
nothing so lets try again ...

The problem:
Keyboard layout settings and interactions seem to  break in almost
every release and we end up with multiple endless discussions whether
the issue is a blocker or not.

The solution:
We should just add a release criteria that is clear enough so that we
can avoid this discussions and have a clear criteria to base "this is
a blocker".

So the proposed criteria (not sure whether we should require it for
beta or only final) is:

"For new installations the keyboard layout selected in the installer
should be configured as default in the installed system.
This includes the encryption pass phrase entry, the virtual consoles,
the graphical login manager as well as the desktop environment.
For upgraded systems the same applies for the default keyboard layout
that was configured prior to the upgrade."

This is as clear as it can be, there is no need to have some vague
text that leaves room for endless discussions.

Any objections? Or can we finally get this done?

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