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#329: Add Support for Alembic
  Reporter:  tflink                    |      Owner:  tflink
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Comment (by tflink):

 Replying to [comment:1 kparal]:
 > Do we have some data that mustn't be lost? Fedora 18 is over and
 everything can be purged clean, from my perspective, with a fresh start
 for F19. No?

 Yeah, the current data isn't all that important outside of it's value in
 generating stats about blockers from F18. However, I think that schema
 change control is important going forward because:
  * It's safer to figure things out in the blocker tracking app instead of
 somewhere where the old data is critical
  * We may want to do changes mid-release that require schema changes and
 I'd rather not risk losing data
  * It helps support more incremental changes to the DB since those changes
 become less risky
  * re-entering all the settings in the database is a pain

 IMHO, schema control is a good thing to have for any non-trivial
 application and it's better to add it when the application is smaller than
 wait until you really need it - at that point, any database change is
 likely to be rather risky.

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