New BugZapper Introduction

Viktor K vpostca at
Tue Jan 22 01:19:36 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I'm very glad to join at Fedora Bug Zappers Team and let's me start to
contribute with the project.
Let me introduce myself.

My name is Victor Kalininskiy, I'm mature person already ;-)  and live
at Toronto, Canada.
I have limited experience  with Linux (only installation of Ubuntu)
and I am going to get new skills with Linux-like systems.
I did work as advanced user with analog of VM (Virtual Machine) 20+
years ago and since then I have been working only
with Windows (starting with MS-DOS).
I have some experience like software tester with HP QC and QTP/Load
Runner, as well as entry level system administrator
mainly with Windows Server 2008 R2 and I'm studying Java script and
other useful tools,
so I would like to implement and improve my skills for this project

At my signature I'm sending my contacts fell free if anyone want to contact me.


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