Proposing Blocker/Freeze Exception Bugs Through the Blocker Tracking App

Tim Flink tflink at
Wed Jan 23 18:52:13 UTC 2013

After FUDCon last weekend and some other conversations that I've had
(mostly over IRC), we're planning to implement a more user-friendly bug
submission system in the blocker tracking app.

I put the details that I have now in the form of a blog post [1] if
anyone is interested. The version that will be completed in
time for F19 testing will be pretty simple, in the interest of
actually getting it done in time. I don't think that we'll have any
great criteria display or integration but that is certainly on the
"wish list".

Everything is still very much in the early stages of planning, so
constructive comments and suggestions (or contributions) would certainly
be appreciated.


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