Proposing Blocker/Freeze Exception Bugs Through the Blocker Tracking App

Kamil Paral kparal at
Thu Jan 24 10:53:35 UTC 2013

> [1]

* I agree that we need FAS<->Bugzilla integration, not just for this purpose, but for many purposes. I think a simple additional field in FAS where you could specify your Bugzilla login would be a great step forward. But ideally you would as well have to enter your BZ password once, so that the login can be verified.

But, do we really want to require Bugzilla accounts to get the ability to propose blockers? I don't know, just pondering aloud.

* I don't understand the "Release Number" in the HTML form much. We're working on a single release at a time. What's the purpose?

* As the first cut, I think the form is quite fine. But in the future I imagine we should have a bit different process and the form can adjust to it. My very rough idea:
- A person can propose any important bug into "QA watchlist". He/she will acknowledge that the bug complies to our basic requirements (it's critical or affecting a lot of users, it doesn't concern just a tiny fraction of hardware, it can't be fixed post-release or significantly lowers user experience, etc). QA goes through the QA watchlist periodically, some bugs are removed right away, some are moved to the blocker/freeze-exc list, some are just kept an eye on.
- A person can also check a box "This should be a release blocker" (the page explains what it is) and provides a justification, then it should have a higher priority for us in the QA watchlist.
- A person can also select a milestone (Alpha/Beta/Final) for this blocker and (optionally) cite a particular criterion. Then it is proposed as a blocker right away, instead of going into QA watchlist.

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