Proposed F19 Feature: Replace MySQL with MariaDB

Karel Volný kvolny at
Thu Jan 24 12:22:08 UTC 2013

Dne Čt 24. ledna 2013 12:24:33, drago01 napsal(a):
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Adam Williamson <awilliam at> 
> > I quote from the feature page:
> > 
> > "Recent changes made by Oracle indicate they are moving the MySQL
> > project to be more closed. They are no longer publishing any useful
> > information about security issues (CVEs), and they are not providing
> > complete regression tests any more, and a very large fraction of the
> > mysql bug database is now not public."
> > 
> > Do you dispute the truth of any of these statements? If you accept them
> > as truthful, do you consider them insignificant? If so, why?
> The reply from Andrew renders this moot.


how does that reply provide the missing informations that Adam points out?

> If upstream is willing to maintain MySQL in Fedora then the whole "replace
> it because it is hard to maintain" does not make sense. We should either
> stay with MySQL or ship both but there is no reason to replace it anymore.

I guess no one opposes keeping both ... in fact, the feature page says:

"MySQL will continue to be available for at least one release,"

as for choosing which one will be default ... it is nice that upstream wants 
to support us, but what were they doing those 10 years of Fedora development 
(or 13.5 years since first mysql rpm changelog entry)?

are they interested only when they see they could lose marketshare?


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