Proposed F19 Feature: Replace MySQL with MariaDB

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Thu Jan 24 12:28:26 UTC 2013

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> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 10:34 AM, Adam Williamson
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> > On Thu, 2013-01-24 at 05:58 -0300, Fernando Cassia wrote:
> >> On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Karel Volný <kvolny at>
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> >> >
> >> > because resources are limited
> >>
> >> I´ll have to trust your word.
> >>
> >> > do you volunteer to maintain and test MySQL?
> >>
> >> If I find a volunteer, will you continue shipping it?.
> >>
> >> I smell a proxy war against Oracle for their Oracle Linux efforts,
> >> totally politically motivated and with dubious technical reasons.
> >> But
> >> hey, that´s just me.
> >
> > I quote from the feature page:
> >
> > "Recent changes made by Oracle indicate they are moving the MySQL
> > project to be more closed. They are no longer publishing any useful
> > information about security issues (CVEs), and they are not
> > providing
> > complete regression tests any more, and a very large fraction of
> > the
> > mysql bug database is now not public."
> >
> > Do you dispute the truth of any of these statements? If you accept
> > them
> > as truthful, do you consider them insignificant? If so, why?
> The reply from Andrew renders this moot. If upstream is willing to
> maintain MySQL in Fedora then the whole "replace it because it is
> hard
> to maintain" does not make sense. We should either stay with MySQL or
> ship both but there is no reason to replace it anymore.

Well, it's more about MySQL guys attitude and our values. For me, it 
would be great to see more upstream commitment in Fedora, even from
that evil company (and I think it's the way how it should be!) but I'm 
worried it would not solve the values problem - we still need truly
open development and based on what I heard how MySQL is done today, 
we can't expect it. It's sad, really :( 

We did the same with SB - we could have our own keys, we decided not
to do so because of our values, not to have advantage over the rest
FLOSS world. So even MySQL guys would play a nice game to Fedora but
not to the rest of our world, then I'm ok with MariaDB.

I hope this proposal at least could move some ice within MySQL team
and we could discard this feature or one day announce the move back
to truly open MySQL/MariaDB merged into one project.

My two cents, not affiliated with any corporate entity I work, not
a word of our MySQL/MariaDB team (as press understood it). Just
Fedorian who likes our community and our values.


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