Proposed F19 Feature: Replace MySQL with MariaDB

Karel Volný kvolny at
Thu Jan 24 12:47:11 UTC 2013

Dne Čt 24. ledna 2013 05:58:00, Fernando Cassia napsal(a):
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Karel Volný <kvolny at> wrote:
> > because resources are limited
> I´ll have to trust your word.
> > do you volunteer to maintain and test MySQL?
> If I find a volunteer, will you continue shipping it?.

well ... I cannot say that FESCo won't pass a rule "we do not ship MySQL" :-) 
but in reality, any package can be included in Fedora as long as there are no 
legal reasons not to include it (not a case of MySQL) and it has a maintainer 
(approved packager takes care of it) who obeys the packaging rules

> I smell a proxy war against Oracle for their Oracle Linux efforts,
> totally politically motivated and with dubious technical reasons. But
> hey, that´s just me.

yep, it may seem so from outside

but, to me, these *are* technical reasons - if you were the package 
maintainer, how would you fix a bug which is described like:

"Unspecified vulnerability in the Server component in Oracle MySQL 5.1.66 and 
earlier, and 5.5.28 and earlier, allows remote authenticated users to affect 
availability via unknown vectors related to Information Schema."


and there is no upstream patch associated to it?

wouldn't that be better to go with a database project that doesn't keep the 
informations secret and gives you access to patches needed to fix your package?


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