Proposal: retire proventesters and bugzappers onboarding processes harder, create new QA onboarding process

Kamil Paral kparal at
Fri Jan 25 15:13:02 UTC 2013

> So it'd be nice to kill those processes a bit harder: I don't have
> all
> the specific changes drafted up yet, but my idea would be to actually
> hide the text on the proventesters and BZ pages that describes the
> 'joining' processes. When we first hibernated the PT process we kinda
> thought it might come back again soon, but that doesn't seem to be
> happening, so let's do it a bit harder now.

It seems only reasonable to remove text documenting obsolete processes. That doesn't even need a discussion, I think. +1

> They would leave a bit of a gap behind, though - it is quite nice to
> hear from people when they join up, and while we previously decided
> not
> to use the QA FAS group because we didn't really have any tasks that
> needed special privileges, someone pointed out at FUDCon that there
> are
> some things within Fedora which require membership of a FAS group,
> like
> voting in certain elections. So I think it might be nice if we
> created a
> generic QA 'onboarding' process - much like those two, where you just
> send a mail to the list saying 'hi, I'd like to join' and we say
> 'welcome!' and add you to the QA FAS group and send you a little
> introductory mail. We could probably give editbugs privs to people in
> QA
> and add all current members of bugzappers/proventesters into the qa
> group.

The welcome letter is a great thing to do. It doesn't have to be a letter per se, it can be a wiki page, similar to, but a bit different. It should be a collection of information that a newcomer needs most and asks most, with links to important resources. A little FAQ included in the bottom. We can then reply to every "hello, I'd like to join" request with a greeting and a link to this document.

I'm not sure it's wise to increase privileges immediately after the welcome letter (was it meant this way?). I would probably give people option to request higher privileges after a short time, a month or so. Before making the change, some existing QA person would have a look at the newcomer's work, to ensure he doesn't do some crucial mistakes. The privileges would be removed if the person is inactive for a long time (e.g. a year or two).

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