New BugZapper Introduction

Nicholas Alonge nick.alonge at
Sat Jan 26 10:08:59 UTC 2013


I'm Nick and I'm a web and mobile applications developer with probably a
little too much time on his hands :D.

I'm relatively new to Fedora, but not new to Linux (or bug triage) in
general. I started using Fedora with Fedora 17, and Fedora 18 sealed the
deal for me! (what can I say, I got fed up with the way Ubuntu was going
and I love the new gnome).

I'm mostly interested in helping out with desktop, and developer related
bugs but I'll throw my attention to where it's needed the most!

I look forward to getting started and working with you guys. I'll be
stopping by to say howdy on IRC as well. My nick on freenode is
cafejunkie (coffee is good :D).

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