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Sat Jan 26 20:59:47 UTC 2013

I started working with fedora about half a year ago and wanted to
contribute but didn't take the required step to start doing it so now I am
doing it at last.
I started working with fedora as my operating system with f17 beta.

My experience with linux started with ubuntu and I used it for about 3.5
years and helping to new users with problems they have on the local IRC and
forums. since ubuntu 11.10 i started to feel the distro is going on the
wrong direction and since I feel I am new to linux I wanted to try some
other distro's so I decided to try fedora according to a recommendation of
a friend. Since I am using fedora I think its only apropriate that I will
contribute as I can (and since fedora is releasing the contributions
upstream I want to help more then if it didn't go upstream).

My main experience is with helping on our forums here in Israel for ubuntu
and recently on a forum for open source and free software. I know a bit of
programing in perl and php and I know html, CSS and a bit of javascript if
it can help.

So, I should introduce myself...

My name is Moshe Nahmias, I am 34 years old and from Israel (as you could
have guessed), I started with linux a bit more then 4 years ago and using
linux ever since. I use windows only when have to (at work, university).

I you want to contact me here are the options I use most of the time:
gtalk: moshegrey at
mesenger: moshegrey at
mail: moshegrey at
IRC: moshe742 at freenode

feel free to contact me for help, I will do what I can

So, thanks for accepting me and I hope to be a good contributor here.

One last thing, if you see a mistake on my language I want you to tell me
about it, even though I am rather good in English I know i have mistakes
some times and want to learn from them since I am not from an English
speaking country.


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