Kamil Paral kparal at
Fri Sep 6 06:51:21 UTC 2013

> My name is Mike Timland, I'm 28 years old and live in NY. My first contact
> with Linux was about 10 years ago or more. Appears that also I am using
> Linux for desktop stations and servers since then.
> I just feel obligated to contribute to this community that had made my life
> easier all those years.
> I have a professional QA background so anything I could help with will be
> great.
> Sadly I'm occupied mostly of the time with work but I have spare time running
> performance tests like now and I would like to do something meaningful in
> those moments. My irc handle is ringstrasel

> I'll be glad to write automation tests if possible in future. arm tests on my
> raspberry pi are another thing that i can think of. Or I could help with
> other stuff too.

Hello Mike, welcome!

We have a lot of manual tests that you could help us with. Please read

Also follow test-announce

and any help with testing of the TestComposes and ReleaseCandidates would we very welcome (ARM is included as well). Example:

Regarding automation, we would like to have some in Fedora QA in the near future and we're working on some automation systems. It's not complete yet, however. Any help is welcome, however. Please ping tflink on #fedora-qa, he can give you a better overview of where you can give us a hand.


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