swap space in fstab not honoured in Fedora 20 (pre-alpha something)

nonamedotc nonamedotc at fedoraproject.org
Sun Sep 15 19:11:57 UTC 2013

Is anyone else seeing the following problem?

Swap space in  Fedora 20 is not detected.


/dev/mapper/luks-UUID2 /                       ext4 
defaults,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 1 1
UUID=UUID-BOOT         /boot                   ext4 defaults        1 2
/dev/mapper/luks-UUID1 swap                    swap 
defaults,x-systemd.device-timeout=0 0 0

luks-UUID1 UUID=UUID1 none
luks-UUID2 UUID=UUID2 none

If I type swapon -s - it shows nothing. But if I do swapon -a and then 
check, swap is used.

# swapon -a

# swapon -s
Filename                Type        Size    Used    Priority
/dev/dm-1                                  partition    7810044 0    -1

These files are almost identical (except UUIDs) in my F19 setup where 
everything is normal. Any ideas?

Also, this seems to happen only when my partitions are encrypted. In my 
virtual installations, swap seems to be enabled quite fine.


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