Self-Introduction: Mike Ruckman

Kamil Paral kparal at
Mon Sep 16 09:42:34 UTC 2013

> Hello QA Team, my name is Mike Ruckman and I was just hired by Red Hat
> to work for Fedora QA. I've been using linux (in a variety of flavors)
> for almost a decade, mostly in sys-admin type roles. My language of
> choice is Python, but I'm diligently working to expand to a few other
> languages as well.
> I'll be jumping in as a QA Community Monkey - doing my best to grease
> the tracks for people to get involved and stay involved. My IRC nick
> is roshi and I'm constantly in #fedora-qa. Thanks and I look forward
> to working with you all!
> // Mike

Hello Mike,

great to have you here!

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