Licensing? Was: Removing Optical Boot Requirement from F20 Alpha Release Requirements

Eric Blake eblake at
Thu Sep 19 14:56:45 UTC 2013

On 09/19/2013 06:53 AM, Greg Woodbury wrote:
>>> However, there's one corner case to consider. Due to some licensing
>>> issues we still can't test UEFI in VMs.

> Am I being dense, or missing something?
> What "licensing issues"?
> I have a new Intel "Haswell" (i5-4430/z87) achitecture machine and do
> both VM and bare-metal testing, is there something I should be aware of
> and add tot the testing procedures?

Given the current state of the art, all known UEFI implementations for
VMs require the use of a FAT driver whose license forbids redistribution
for general purpose use, which means Fedora cannot ship it.  You can
test UEFI on bare metal, and you can test UEFI on VMs if you download
the software and build it yourself, but Fedora cannot ask you to test
UEFI on VMs until someone steps forward and writes a new
license-unencumbered FAT driver.

For more interesting reading, see:

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