Removing Optical Boot Requirement from F20 Alpha Release Requirements

Adam Williamson awilliam at
Fri Sep 20 08:01:47 UTC 2013

On Thu, 2013-09-19 at 06:43 -0400, Kamil Paral wrote:
> > The rewrite sounds good to me.  Just one possible improvement.  I work
> > almost exclusively with VM for testing so iso size doesn't matter.
> > Should it be an alpha requirement that the isos we're talking about
> > boot and install in the VM environment which has no care for size?
> I think that should be implicitly covered by "All release-blocking
> images must boot in their supported configurations. ". But it's true
> we could explicitly mention VMs as a supported "architecture" (or
> something).

In fact, we don't technically require the images to work in a
virtualized environment at all until Beta. There's an explicit pair of
criteria there.
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