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Tue Sep 24 00:55:35 UTC 2013

Does anyone know the prevalence of computers shipping with Intel Smart Response Technology (binds SSD and HDD, using SSD as a cache) enabled? And should there be an RFE for anaconda to identify such configurations?

There are some products that come this way, and linux does not support this. The result is the installer doesn't see any disk as an install target. So it's unlikely the existing OS and configuration will be negatively impacted. However, since there's no error message, the hapless user is left wondering why they can't install Fedora. 

The gist is that Intel leverages imsm metadata on-disk, which md/mdadm sees an attribute it doesn't recognize and therefore won't assemble the raid (which it can't do since the md driver doesn't support ISRT). Since this attribute is recognized and isn't supported, anaconda could have enough information to flag the user about this configuration and tell them it isn't supported.

See this bug for details:

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