Moving away from reporting to RH bugzilla and adopting pure upstream reporting mantra.

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> The reason for it is that infra has made it clear that we will not
> have our own bugzilla instance 

Let me provide a more detailed answer, just exactly like the one I
provided on the infrastructure list. 

At this current time, and given the resources we have, we are not
interested in running our own bugzilla. We are open to any changes in
that evaluation. See:
Additionally, we want to try and work with bugzilla admins to try and
reduce or eliminate problems/pain points we are seeing in the Fedora

I may be biased, so the full discussion on the infra list:

which I would summarize as: 

- You asked about us running our own bugzilla. 
- We mentioned we have been thinking about this and pointed to the
  above wiki page. 
- We noted at this time that we aren't wanting to do so, but are happy
  to hear more info that would persuade us.
- We asked you about the specific issues you had with but I have never seen them. Could you add them to
  the wiki page? 
- There was a off topic sidetrack where you indicated that you thought
  EPEL shouldn't be considered part of Fedora or considered in any bug
  tracking plans. 
- You then suggested we switch to github's issue tracker. 
- A bunch of people indicated issues with this plan. 
- You then decided we should just stop using bugzilla at all. 

> which we could hack against the things
> we need to hack against it ( like health monitor for
> components,badges etc ), have the ability to ping infra as well as
> using upstream tools to fix,motify and even delete user
> accounts,customize our own workflows, not being able to lookup bugs
> because some employee at RH closed the bug as duplicate of internal
> bugs and various other issues in that regard etc. so we will never be
> able to build a QA community to server our and developers need which
> leaves us with the alternative adopting upstream mantra.

We do modify accounts all the time. 
(How do you think fedorabugs works?) 

Again, if you want to be productive could you detail the exact pain
points you have and we can try and alleviate them with RH bugzilla


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