Installing F20 alpha reusing LVM logical volumes

Gene Czarcinski gene at
Wed Sep 25 14:27:05 UTC 2013

Anyone who plans to install F20 alpha where they will be re-using 
existing LVM logical volumes should first look at this bugzilla report:

While the problem definitely shows up with a kickstart install it may 
also be true with a regular install ... I do not know.

With respect to a kickstart install, a set of part/volgroup/logvol 
definitions that worked for previous systems such as Fedora 19 will now 
get an error.  The solution, as detailed in the bugzilla report, is to add:
to the boot prompt.

Also as described in the bugzilla report, when finally fixed, what now 
works will no longer work and the partition command as well as any 
partitions specified on the volgroup command will need to be removed 
(just like the documentation says it should be).

I hope this saves some folks some time.


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