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Chris Murphy lists at
Wed Sep 25 17:13:11 UTC 2013

On Sep 25, 2013, at 10:48 AM, Rick Stevens <ricks at> wrote:
> The commands should be:
> 	hostnamectl --static set-hostname f20s.localdomain
> 	hostnamectl --transient set-hostname oldmac.localdomain
> Not sure what happens if you place the options after the commands.

Yes I see in the man page that I have this reversed, but if it's a problem with superfluous or misunderstood information and it doesn't give me an error, that's a bug. So far I'm not seeing any difference in behavior with the order of the commands.

> The default is to set ALL hostnames to that specified so if the command is
> ignoring the option (because it's at the end), the last "hostnamectl"
> command you specified (in this case, oldmac.localdomain) becomes the
> pretty, transient AND static name. More or less what you're seeing.

No, the most recent command set transient to oldmac.localdomain which is then not used for ssh, and not listed with a subsequent hostnamectl, and is only used by Gnome. Everything else shows the static hostname set with the first command.

> You should also check /etc/hosts to see if there's an entry in there for
> referring to oldmac.localdomain.

[root at f20s ~]# cat /etc/hostname

> Also keep in mind that a
> number of the utilities do reverse DNS lookups instead of using the
> hostname bits so you may be seeing a DNS artifact here.

Router running Tomato firmware lists the NIC MAC and IP with Name = f20s so at this point only Gnome is referencing this oldmac.localdomain thing. I might try changing it and see what gets changed elsewhere.

Chris Murphy

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