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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Wed Sep 25 22:46:25 UTC 2013

On Wed, 2013-09-25 at 14:37 -0600, Chris Murphy wrote:

> I rebooted, changing nothing else. Now I can't ssh in as oldmac.local,
> I have to use f20s.local. And now transient doesn't show up. So if I
> change things, I get some changes in behavior. If I restart processes,
> I get more changes in behavior. If I reboot, I get a complete reversal
> of behavior back to the way things were before any of the changes I
> made. This is a mess, honestly. I think the thing to do is set
> --static and leave everything else alone.

I think that is usually a valid approach, as I understand it at present,
yeah. The only thing likely to set the transient hostname is DHCP, and
if you explicitly specify a static hostname, DHCP will not override it;
AIUI, all the Fedora networking bits are configured to only set the
hostname from DHCP if there is no explicitly user-configured hostname.

Note, one thing I found screwing with hostnamectl's story of how
hostname setting works is dracut: if you set /etc/hostname once and then
wiped it you might think you've un-set the static hostname, but your
initramfs likely contains a copy, and it looks like dracut sets the
hostname specified in its copy of /etc/hostname during early boot.

(I was trying to get my systems' hostnames set via dhcp in a reliable
way; this seems to be extremely difficult, and for now I've given up and
am just brute forcing the 'correct' values. The closest I got was that
each system would boot with 'hostname' returning 'machine' and 'hostname
-f' returning '', but this apparently isn't
enough for freeipa, which expects 'hostname' to return
'' . This hostname stuff is so complicated I
don't even know whether I should claim that's a bug on freeipa's part -
that anything which requires an FQDN should do the syscall equivalent of
'hostname -f' - or not.)
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