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On 27/09/13 05:11, Marcus Leech wrote:
> I'm running MATE on F18, and find it is more pleasant than any of the 
> Gnome 3 things.
> on Sep 26, 2013, *Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX* <caf at> wrote:
>     For those of use who were relatively happy with Gnome 2
>     and not quite satisfied with some of the alternatives, I
>     would suggest taking (another) look at MATE in Heisenbug.
>     The combination of Google Chromium, VLC, and MATE
>     has created a pleasant desktop environment that has
>     has reduced the amount of time I run Windows 7 on my
>     office machine.
>     Try it, YMMV.
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I originally fled from GNOME 3 ("A triumph of Fashion over 
Functionality") to xfce, from F17 I started using mate (though I started 
looking at in F16).

I think mate should become the default desktop environment for Fedora.  
Fedora should not be dumbing down the user experience, please leave that 
to Apple & Microsoft.

If people want a brain dead desktop environment, they can always use 
Microsoft Window 8 metro...  :-)

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