Amita Sharma amsharma at
Tue Apr 1 05:04:21 UTC 2014


I am Amita, 29 years old female from Pune,India. I am contributing in 
389 Directory Services as a SQA in RH for 3 years now. So I know Linux, 
389, 389 DS-Admin Console, LDAP, Windows AD-DS sync, bugzilla, beaker, 
shell scripting and learning python.

Fedora has drawn my attention from day 1 and I really wanted to help. 
When time permits I do some testing, participate in test days, give 
karma on bodhi.
But I always wanted to involve in some kind of activity which makes 
people aware about Fedora and how they can contribute as a tester (I am 
still learning though).
I am good at presentation skills(atleast that's what I am confident about).

There are lot many people who wants to contribute but don't know from 
where and how to start and needs guidance, specially when it comes to 
Many young brilliant brains in colleges, techie but shy women, people 
who don't know any programming but want to contribute..there is huge 
crowd actually.
I want to communicate and present how one can contribute in Fedora QA to 
this crowd.

Thanks and Regards,
Amita Sharma
SQA, Red Hat

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