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> hello folks,
>                  this is shailendra acharya pursuing btech in IT
> branch. i have been using fedora19 for 1 year. i'm so so in
> programming but i'm continue trying to improve my programming skills.
> well i wanna contribute in fedora but i dont know what to do? can
> anyone plz guide me what should i do or where to start? and i have
> also a dream to create operating system for my college project. can
> anyone help me ?

Hey Shailendra, glad to have you aboard! There are several places you
can start: 

  - Work on some updates testing [0] for Fedora 20. 
  - Test the latest on Rawhide [1]
  - Try your hand at packaging [2]
  - If you know python, you can take a crack at some issues for
    Taskotron [3]

There's always a ton to be worked on. It really depends on where your
interests lie and what kinds of things you want to work on. Our wiki
has a bunch of information on how to contribute to different parts of
the project [4]. You can always find several of us who work on QA [5] in
our irc channel on freenode - #fedora-qa. We look forward to seeing

// Mike

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