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shailendra acharya <acharyashailendra1 at> wrote:

> thnx for welcoming me in fedora family,
>                                                      now i tell you
> about my skills so that u could batter understand my situation and
> would tell me where to start. i have knowledge of
> c,c++/qt,html,css,javascript,php,mysql,core java,core python. and
> have done small projects in them. but i dont know where to start in
> os project ? i want u to suggest me from very basic where i could
> start and get confidence for continue work. i hope you r
> understanding me. actually i m fond of such all things but always
> confused what to do?


For starters, if you're running Fedora 20, I would suggest taking part
in some updates testing [0]. Join us on IRC, and test some packages and
leave some karma. From there you can find easy tickets to work on with
the EasyFix [1] project - especially if you're more interested in
writing code. Those two places would be a great place to gain some
confidence and contribute. Looking forward to seeing your work!

// Mike


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