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Shailendra,Welcome, I'm semi-new to Fedora, and totally new to this list, therefore we have something in common. (I make many errors! Sometimes intentially. Perhaps we differ in this regard :) Observation has guided me while introducing myself to Fedora this past year. For instance, as an observation if this is a virtual office we are standing in a hallway maybe just a floor, or two below the "executive suite," and that is not to say that these folks in the offices, and cubicles on this floor aren't talented, and creative. It is simply to say that here virtual ping pong balls flying over head are more likely than upstairs, and that this is a good place to be standing.I sip on my coffee now... I always have a cup of coffee in hand, and am known for putting out fires. If required to I can use the coffee to put out a fire. Right? I'm using many to many words.I downloaded the robotics live "20140415" image and will use it once I hit "send." There are other targeted images, some h
 ave been added more recently than the robotics spin, and any of these might be a good place to research the fields that interest you. I look up bugs I see in Bugzilla all the time. If something interests you read the code. Reading code is a great way to learn. If this post looks funny it is because I'm using my email service's webmail client while reading the list archive in another browser window. Joe
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