KDE4.13 initial == SSS LLL OOO WWW !!!!!

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 19 05:06:47 UTC 2014

First login after yum upgrade taking KDE from 4.12.90 to 4.13 took many 
minutes for the desktop to populate, first waiting on a warning that power 
management configuration module could not be loaded to appear, then disappear 
(shouldn't be necessary, as xorg.conf as is usual on my installations has 
dpms disabled). Thinking this could be a first instance of baloo taking over 
for (disabled) nepomuk, I logged out, and cleared all kde files from wherever 
in $HOME they could be found, with the exception of baloofilerc, in which I 
put Indexing-Enabled=false before logging into KDE the second time. It did 
not help. Something is radically wrong with first starts. I went into 
systemsettings -> energy saving to try to run dim screen up to maximum value 
and uncheck the other boxes as I usually do, and there's a big red X over a 
gray screen with the same cannot load module message, but clicking the X has 
no effect. I tried rebooting into the 3.15.0rc1 kernel (and slub_debug=-) , 
and it refused every attempt until "sync && reboot -f", which left lots of 
orphans for subsequent fsck to fix.

Now since rebooting, logging into KDE is down to a respectable for 2.8GHz P4 
and i915G video 20-24 seconds.
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