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> People are generally born with more ears than teeth,
> Mister Freud.
> poma
What I said is based on observations and scientific research.

I spent 3 years talking with a group of people, which included people 
with multiple personalities. There is actually a continuum between them 
and 'normal' people. For example when you drive, you are processing 
multiple inputs in parallel and making decisions without thinking 

I came across a news article about an island were about 10% of children 
were born apparently female, and became definitely male at puberty. It 
was so common that people simple changed their children's clothing 
appropriately, and treated them as males. So I did some research.

A vet in a city where I lived, was in the news for formally changing his 
gender and having operations to make his body consistent, with the full 
support of his wife. I come across at least 2 similar items along the 
same lines. Research has found the wiring of the 'true' female mind is 
quite different to that of a 'true' man's, the women use more areas of 
both sides of the rain to solve a technical problem, whereas as men tend 
to use one part of one side. During pregnancy changing levels of 
hormones can cause brain development not to match the physical gender.

The trouble is that political agendas influence how people see reality. 
My wife is definitely feminine and we have a son, but she is one of the 
rare women with a Masters in computer science. I got wiped of the chess 
board by a toothless old woman at least 20 years my senior, and I am 
fairly strong social player who used to play in 'A' grade interclub 
chess teams. So the differences in the way brains work between men & 
women should not be used to try and 'prove' that women should not do 
certain jobs because they should be reserved for men, or vice versa – 
nor should 'political correctness' be allowed to claim there are not 
fundamental differences between the sexes that go beyond the physical 

As for Freud, due to the nature of society of his day, he was forced to 
couch his conclusions about what he observed in terms that were 
'political correct' for his time. Plus our basic understanding of how 
the brain worked was extremely primitive then compared to what we know 
now. So even if he had been able to freely express himself, without 
having to conform, he would still have been way of the mark in some areas.

So simply because what I wrote conflicts with your notion of reality 
does not mean I'm wrong. Note that reality tends to be more nuanced & 
complicated than we can easily deal with, and society as a whole takes 
even longer to adapt. For example, only recently did Germany allow a 
third option for the sex of a baby, and most databases still implicitly 
assume that people are either definitely male or definitely female.


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