Nasty Habits in Replying to Emails

Gavin Flower GavinFlower at
Mon Apr 28 09:39:36 UTC 2014

On 28/04/14 20:42, Karel Volný wrote:
> - thanks Gavin for adding something that I forgot about ... but I 
> doubt that testing Fedora is a good therapy for mentally ill (who 
> suffered heavy abuse); and as for the rest, changing the (percepted) 
> gender seems quite common to me but I'm not aware of anyone who'd be 
> identifying with more groups at once (some people prefer stay out of 
> F/M division) ... so I apologize for considering just the biological 
> condition and not the psychological; anyways my point was the language 
> twist, I still think we shouldn't poke noses into people's underwear 
> (or heads)
> K.
I was seeking distraction, from some tedious debugging, and got carried 
away - rather than from any strong ideological motivation!


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