How do I disable edid check on kernel command line?

flashl at flashl at
Tue Jul 1 16:50:25 UTC 2014

Current Kernel is 3.14.9-200 x86_64. This is a multihead setup; i915 and 
NV96 video cards (displays HMDI2 = i915 and NV96 DVI-I-1 and VGA-2 [both 
X233H Acer]). kernel bootmenu is presented from DVI-I-1, after kernel 
selection, LUKS prompt appears on HMDI2 and DVI-I-1 is disconnected. In 
multi-user env HDMI2 and VGA-2 are active and dmesg shows edid complaint 
about DVI-I-1. /usr/bin/edid-decode complains about edid block for both 
NV96 displays DVI and VGA but for whatever reason DVI is only one 

So far searches in various forum threads and bugzilla suggest buggy DVI 
edid problems been around for awhile. The DVI edid block error follows 
DVI connector, meaning, moving DVI cable to monitor previously with 
label VGA-2 will produce same edid message. I haven't found complete 
instructions to build CustomEdid yet, that seems the way to go since 
commandline settings like drm_edid_strict, video=DVI-I-1:e are ignored.

Pointers to documentation to build customedid or kernel commandline to 
disable DVI edid checking will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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