How do I disable edid check on kernel command line?

Flash flashl at
Thu Jul 3 11:35:20 UTC 2014

I discovered after rebooting what seems like a hundred times that 
adjusting MB MSI Z77A-G43 bios integrated graphic interface option 
changes  whether graphic card was discovered, discovery  sequence, 
system preference during boot, which graphic card recognized after boot 
sequence, naming conventions and other behaviors at multi-user target. 
i.e. dvi name in multi-user state could be dvi-i-1 or maybe dvi-i-1-1 or 
dvi-i-1-1-1 or Xorg may pick the device as primary; and, if I didn't 
include the i915 graphic card in the integrated graphic boot sequence, 
it would remain in a disconnected state.

I finally succeeded building a stable xorg.conf by referencing Xorg log 
messages and adjusting the file accordingly. Manpages, documentation, 
web searches, or other references to expected behavior didn't help.

On 2014-07-02 17:58, poma wrote:
> On 02.07.2014 16:19, Flash wrote:
>> Not Deja vu, per se. Found solution by adjusting bios parameters. 
>> IIRC,
>> today's behaviors appeared after changes to systemd-udev. If I could
>> backtrack to the point when oddities first started, I would downgrade
>> system. I'll burn rawhide DVD and give it a try.
>> Thanks
> Care to clarify, these BIOS settings are exactly what?
> poma

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