Draft combined Alpha release criteria for F21

Adam Williamson adamwill at fedoraproject.org
Mon Jul 7 20:14:34 UTC 2014

Hi, folks. So I've just slapped together the existing release criteria
drafts into a draft combined Fedora 21 Alpha release criteria page:


product-specific notes:

Cloud - AFAICS the Cloud-specific draft Roshi did only took things away,
it didn't add any, so there is basically no change as far as Cloud is
concerned. The wirding should exempt Cloud from all inappropriate
criteria - please point out anywhere this is not the case.

Workstation - none of the proposed new criteria are Alpha criteria. The
Alpha proposals for a separate Workstation criteria page were
simplifications of the more 'generic' criteria that apply to multiple

There appears to be considerable confusion over an important desktop-ish
question for F21, namely:

"Are network installs of GNOME/Workstation and/or KDE considered to be

That is, do we only block on the Workstation (product) and KDE (spin)
live images, or are we also going to block on network installation of
either or both?

As this has not been established, I have mostly left the desktop-y
criteria and preamble wording as-is, with the intent that we can fudge
it in the interpretation. If we decide that we do not block on desktop
network installs, we can refine and focus the wording somewhat; if we
decide to block on them, I'll have to insert something into the preamble
and possibly fiddling with the 'release-blocking desktop' wording a bit
to clarify precisely what we're talking about. This particularly affects
the desktop criteria (obviously) and the "Package sets" criterion, which
looks distinctly wobbly and would be a complete dead letter if we only
care about the live images.

I also just remembered that Workstation apparently wants to make it
possible to install KDE as an alternative desktop post-install, which
is...another fun thing to think about? Goddamnit, this is becoming a
real PITA.

Server - I plucked out the criteria that seemed most Alpha-y and
inserted them into this draft in appropriate places, basically. You'll
note that Server alone has a Product-specific section, down the bottom.
A couple of the criteria proposed for Server and/or Workstation actually
work okay as 'generic' criteria, so I added those into the generic
section: those would be "SELinux configuration" (SELinux must be
enforcing after installation - all Products want this, I believe) and
"Scripted user creation" (which is primarily for Server, but since
there's only one installer, it's probably fine for it to go in the
generic installer criteria).

I tweaked the "DVD package source" criterion to not refer to a
now-obsolete deliverable - it talks more generically about a "dedicated
installer image that contains packages". As things stand, I believe the
only such release-blocking medium will be the Server image that contains
server role packages (once we actually, you know, make that, but it's
listed in the Server tech spec).

I included the latest draft of my proposed "system service manipulation"
criterion, since this is still a draft and it seemed best to get all the
proposals in one place together.

I updated the definition of 'release-blocking images' in the preamble to
be appropriate for Fedora.next:

"The current set of release-blocking images includes the images defined
by the three primary Products - Server, Workstation and Cloud - in their
product requirement documents and/or technical specifications, and the
KDE live image."

(I could make that a lot damn cleaner if all the Products defined their
deliverables in the same document, btw :> some do it in PRD, some in
tech spec. Actually, we *still* ought to have a deliverables policy.
That's been on my todo list for, er, three years? Patches welcome. It's
not actually a QA job.)

There are probably still some corners of this that don't entirely make
sense any more, please point out any logic fails etc. But I think it's
probably at least better than the current page -
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Alpha_Release_Criteria , which
is completely un-Next-ified - as a basis for Alpha testing, which I once
again remind folks, is supposed to start tomorrow :) So I'd like to get
this into 'production' before Alpha TC1 drops.

Next steps are going to be to write a couple more missing test cases,
and come up with a vaguely plausible set of test matrices. I'll try and
get that done this afternoon.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | XMPP: adamw AT happyassassin . net

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