(Rawhide users) Fedora 22 branching: What You Need To Know

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 10 07:48:36 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-09 23:37 (GMT-0700) Adam Williamson composed:

> Hey folks! As we just hit a branch point, here's a refresher on what
> this means for folks who've been running Rawhide.

> If you want to keep running Rawhide, which will now contain packages
> tracked for Fedora *22*, you don't need to do anything: just keep
> updating. From tomorrow onwards, you'll start getting '.fc22' packages,
> tracked for Fedora 22.

> If you want to follow Fedora 21, you'll want to either remove the
> 'fedora-repos-rawhide' package (that replaced fedora-release-rawhide

# yum remove fedora-release-rawhide
...will be erased
...will be erased
...will be erased
...will be erased
...will be erased
Finished Dependency Resolution
Error: trying to remove "systemd", which is protected

> today), or disable the Rawhide repository using a graphical repo config
> manager or 'yum-config-manager' from yum-utils:

# yum install yum-config-manager
No package yum-config-manager available.
Error: Nothing to do

> sudo yum-config-manager --disable rawhide

> then you'll want to *enable* the regular Fedora repositories:

> sudo yum-config-manager --enable fedora

> and, optionally, enable updates-testing:

> sudo yum-config-manager --enable updates-testing

> if you miss the branch point and wind up on Rawhide (F22) but you want
> to switch to F21, you'll want to do all the above, then do this:

> sudo yum --releasever=21 distro-sync

> which should get you back to F21.
> Stay safe out there, intrepid pre-release-nauts!

# rpm -qa lease-h
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