Rawhide users: ceph packaging issues

Adam Williamson adamwill at fedoraproject.org
Thu Jul 10 22:34:17 UTC 2014

I just thought it'd be good to alert Fedora 21 and 22 users to this

Some major changes were introduced to the 'ceph' package in the 0.81.0-3
build, and maintained in the 0.81.0-4 build. These builds were done for
all current releases, but not submitted as updates to any stable
release, so likely only people tracking Rawhide got them. -3 and -4
werre in Rawhide for about a week from July 1 to July 7, so it's pretty
likely all Rawhide users wound up with them. The major changes involved
a lot of packages being renamed.

It seems that the major changes were actually intended only for F22, not
for F21 or earlier. So the build 0.81.0-5 was done, which reverts the
package to the state of 0.81.0-2 , with the old package organization.

However, this really was simply a reversion. No Obsoletes: were
introduced to make sure that those who got the -3 or -4 packages would
get the new-old -5 packages as updates. For instance, I have three
packages from the 0.81.0-4 build installed:

[adamw at adam x86_64]$ rpm -qa | grep 0.81.0-4

my repos have the 0.81.0-5 build:

[adamw at adam x86_64]$ sudo yum info ceph ceph-libs
Loaded plugins: auto-update-debuginfo, langpacks
Available Packages
Name        : ceph
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 0.81.0
Release     : 5.fc21
Name        : ceph-libs
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 0.81.0
Release     : 5.fc21

, but when I do a yum update, none of those packages is going to be
replaced with a 0.81.0-5 build:

[adamw at adam x86_64]$ sudo yum update
No packages marked for update

because no Obsoletes are in place to ensure this. Basically, if you got
the -3 or -4 builds, you're stuck with them, unless the package gets

This is somewhat important because the -4 build (and I'm presuming the
-3 build) has an executable stack violation in librados2, which causes
virtual machine launches to fail:


so, yeah, bit of a mess. You can probably get onto the 0.81.0-5 packages
manually with a bit of judicious --nodeps use or 'yum shell' use, but
it'd be best if the packages were fixed up, and I figured I'd let folks
know about the problem for now.
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | XMPP: adamw AT happyassassin . net

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