(Rawhide users) Fedora 22 branching: What You Need To Know

Felix Miata mrmazda at earthlink.net
Fri Jul 11 00:57:09 UTC 2014

On 2014-07-10 14:39 (GMT-0700) Adam Williamson composed:

> mirrormanager was still sorting itself out, as of about two minutes ago
> nirik (Kevin Fenzi) says it should be sorted. so, just try again. maybe
> it might take some time for all mirrors to have the file straight, so if
> you still hit the problem, give it a few hours. sorry about that!

Seems since to be copacetic on both F21 and Rawhide now WRT repos. Both yum 
upgraded without material errors, but startx no longer works on either with 
connection refused after reporting a backtrace involving OsLookupColor... 
Booting all the way to graphical works, but without startx working, there's 
no way I know to open a :1 session with unique xorg.conf. Before the F21 
upgrade today, startx was still working, tested immediately before running 
yum upgrade.

Also, why is Xorg.0.log headed by being unable to open socket for 
inet6/failed to open listener for inet6 messages? Why does X simply starting 
up care anything about network status? (As usual, I have ipv6.disable=1 on 
cmdline, removal of which has no apparent effect on startx not working.)

One more thing: KDM greeter using default no theme config is still reporting 
Fedora 20, which makes it extra difficult to remember whether I booted F21 or 
Rawhide if I do start the greeter.

Today so far, all on i945G 64 bit host gx62b.
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