why is "journalctl" suddenly running rampant on my system?

Matthias Clasen mclasen at redhat.com
Fri Jul 11 16:05:19 UTC 2014

On Fri, 2014-07-11 at 07:45 -0400, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Fri, 11 Jul 2014, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> >   from out of nowhere last night, i suddenly had six journalctl
> > processes running on my quad core, each one running at 99% CPU,
> > causing the cooling fans to be running full speed.
> >
> >   and now this morning, the fans suddenly kick in again, i check,
> > there's two journalctl processes, again each one running at 99%. is
> > this something new? oh, wait, now there's three. and now dnf joins
> > the party at 98.9%, and fans are now running full speed. thoughts?
>   bit of a followup, now up to four "journalctl" processes running,
> and from "ps -ef", the abort handler seems awfully busy, i have
> numerous processes of the form:
>   /bin/sh -c if grep '^TracerPid:[[:space:]]*[123456789]'  ...

Abrt used to do crazy things with the journal, like grepping through the
journalctl output (instead of actually using the journals builtin
filtering and searching capabilities via its api). I thought the worst
of that was fixed, but it sounds like you still see it on your system...

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