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Adam Williamson adamwill at fedoraproject.org
Fri Jul 18 21:44:51 UTC 2014

On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 22:10 +0200, poma wrote:
> On 18.07.2014 17:44, Adam Williamson wrote:
> > On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 09:09 +0200, poma wrote:
> >
> >> More than the obvious link that you missed at the very beginning of
> >> the thread, what really worries me is that this particular commit was
> >> applied more than two months, and no one noticed or not published so
> >> far it causes an obvious fault.
> >> Beside me, is it really the case that no other really testing the GNOME?
> >
> > It's certainly possible no-one else is running GNOME Classic on Fedora
> > 21. It's not a release blocking desktop for Fedora. I run GNOME full
> > time and have filed all kinds of issues with it, but I never run
> > Classic, FWIW.
> >
> Haha.
> GNOME Classic is GNOME after all.

For Fedora purposes we treat GNOME Shell and GNOME Classic as two
separate desktops; Classic has approximately the same status as Xfce or
LXDE, we ship it and some people use it, but we don't guarantee testing
or require it to meet specific standards to ship.
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